Durrow Scarecrow Festival 2017 – Monsieur Gusto.

Durrow Scarecrow Festival 2017.

Monsieur Gusto will Appear.

We are thrilled to announce that Monsieur Gusto – International Man of Danger (and Occasional Chaos), will appear at the Durrow Scarecrow Festival 2017.
So keep August 6th free, so you can catch the amazing show, from the amazing Gusto. We will confirm times at a later date.

Scarecrow Festival 2017

Monsieur Gusto – Scarecrow Festival 2017

“Monsieur Gusto , the worlds most amazing Juggling Escapologist sensation, has a show that you just can’t miss!

    Having honed the art of Dodgy Moustache waxing and Live Music Juggling.  Monsieur Gusto’s ‘Hanging About’ manages to marry two of Circus’ most appealing attributes –  Mesmerizing Skills and Unpredictable Props!! 

    Not only does he Juggle Fire Torches, Toilet Plungers and Water Balloonswhile Balancing on top of people just like You (!), but he also manages to Play theDrums while Juggling, Balance Umbrellas on his forehead and slide down the front of a 3 Meter High Tripod without tearing his pants (most of the time). 

    And not just this, but Monsieur Gusto is the only man that we know who can Escape from a Strait Jacket while hanging upside down from a 3 meter tripod & still make the struggle look Sexy! (most of the time)..”